I know, I know, it's almost impossible to choose just one!


If I absolutely had to choose just one, it would be One Step Closer (closely followed by Papercut and Crawling).


What about everyone else?

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mine's forgotten
My favorite is "Forgotten" as well. :)
forgotten too .
"In The End" and "Crawling..." with "One Step Closer" and "A Place For My Head" following!
(as I call it) Paranoia all the way!!!!!!!! Closely followed by Points
If it had to be one off of the HT CD, it would be In the End. The song helped me let go of someone I needed to let go. I like the rest a lot too, but the one that got me thanking LP forever for helping me is In the End. :)
em only 1?? ha, prob have to be one step closer,such a raw and vicious song! The whole album kick's ass in everyway!! essential listening!
My favorite is In the End, followed by One Step Closer and Papercut.
My favorite is Points of Authority.
My top 3 ~

1st: In The End
2nd: Crawling
3rd: Forgotten ^.^
It's very, VERY difficult to choose! I will say "Forgotten", "In the end" and "Points of authority" ... but I also love "by myself" and "Place for my head" for not saying the all album!
Pushing Me Away. Followed by Crawling and Papercut. the only reason i didnt put Points of Authority is because i like Pts. Of. Athrty so much better.



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