I know, I know, it's almost impossible to choose just one!


If I absolutely had to choose just one, it would be One Step Closer (closely followed by Papercut and Crawling).


What about everyone else?

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a place for my head
Hard to chose just one,but i guess mine's Forgotten closely followed by One Step Closer and A Place For My Head.
(and My December from HT bonus CD)
in the end
paper airplane
also more i do like lp song the same
in the end is my favorite.
1. By Myself
2. Forgotten
3. With You
4. Pushing Me Away
5. Papercut
I would have to say In The End is my #1 favorite song from Hybrid Theory and then Crawling #2 and then Papercut #3 followed by One Step Closer #4 and Pushing Me Away #5! HT is a masterpiece! LP FOREVER!!!
crawling n papercut
it´s hard to hoose just one:) mine ,,numbers 1,, are: "A Place for My Head" "Points of Authority" and"One Step Closer" ...but all HT is perfect:..:)
i have to choose 2. in the end and points of authority. hybrid theory is my second fave linkin park album coz i like minutes to midnight a bit better. srry!
01 Papercut 02 Pushing Me away 03 With you 04 In the End
I so much hard to choose "just one"!!
I guess it would be "In the End" 'cose it was the first LP song I hear (and it helped me with my singing lessons)... but i love the whole album...

okay i have 3

1. In the end

2. a place for my head

3. papercut


but in the end is the best song ever



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