When was the first time you heard Linkin Park? What song was it? What were you're thoughts on them then, and now....

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The first time I heard Linkin Park was about, I can't remember when:P
I think that it was the song Leave Out All the Rest, or What I've done... Some thoughts that were running through my head during them were that they pretty much describe my life, and what I have done:P etc. :] 

When I was young, I heard my dad playing Linkin Park a lot, but at that moment I was 5ish, and just thought they were another screamy band (like a lot of what my dad listens to), so I didn't have much a taste for their music. I was watching music videos one day years later, and Shadow of the Day came on. I couldn't believe that this was the same band I heard years ago! And I loved it! I started listening to more of their music, and found that I really liked It.

I heard Crawling being played on the radio way way back. Since then, I've loved them. Although I don't like their newer albums.

was seeing first time on MTV with Papercut and omg is was so f***ing good. Later on was then Crawling and In the End and at this moment i was in love with LP^^.

i heard the song ''numb - encore '' and of course i liked the chester's part then i download more songs and then more and more and more ......now i know all the songs and every song that chester sings.Chester has an amazing and magic voice.

The first time i heard them was when i heard What I've Done on the radio and i loved it so i went home and listened to more of their songs and loved every single one of them.

It's when I was 16!!! I heard NUMB from Channel [V] Thailand (It's a music channel like MTV) 

That's drew my attention so well. I didn't even pay attention to the singer (YES!! Chester!!) I only remembered the band name and keep it in my mind with all the nerdy stuff in my head. 4 Years after, I went to concert in Bangkok alone just to see them alive!! 



I first heard Linkin park in either November or December of 2002. It was the remix of *points of authority* and I thought it was pretty good. Only funny part is I didnt become a huge and true fan until May of the following year lol.

I think Numb was the first song I heard wayyy back when MTV played music.

It hit me hard with all the teen angst and parental rivalry and what not.

I thought Mike was an incredible lyricist and felt instantly connected to him -- still do. =-]]

And I love them. I still think their stuff is good.

I don't compare stuff to other stuff. Either i like it or i don't. And I do.

2001: In the end : i thought it was such an amazing touching song and my thoughts on them have only gotten more posotive even though they did change there style there music is still amazing :)

I went boating with my friend a few years ago and they had hybrid theory on, been a huge fan every since!

I've been a fan since One Step Closer back in 2000. Never once have they made a bad record and they never will. ;)

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