When was the first time you heard Linkin Park? What song was it? What were you're thoughts on them then, and now....

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it was "don't stay". 11 years and I still remember:) I got Hybrid Theory from my friend who didn't like this album. and I fell in love with these amazing guys. it was love from the first listening. I grew up with Linkin Park in my heart and my mind, their music/lyrics helped me a lot,I don't know how my life would look like without them. I don't care if it sounds stupid, that's the truth. I love Linkin Park more and more every day, more and more with every album, with every video. That's all.

The first time I heard LP was when the video for One Step Closer came out on MTV. I liked them instantly, and have loved them ever since!

It was when MTV music showed Leave out all the rest!!!! its was sooo goooddd!!!!!!!!!!

i was a little girl, at the home of my friend. she showed me a cd from her big sister, it was a linkin park cd. i think i was 7-8 years old ;D my first thought was: omg! her sister likes hardrock! i think the song was numb... but i cant remember that good.. and then 5 years after i first heard them i bought my first lp- cd ;)

The first time I guess was when I was 13 years old and the first song I heard from them was the song NUMB =]

the first time I heard LP I was about 11-12 years old...a friend lent me the album Hybrid Theory, and he told me "hey listen to them, you'll love", and so was...after I bought the album :) so the first song that I heard was papercut :)

The first time I heard Linkin Park was in 2001.t was the song Papercut.

I don't remember when exactly it was but I do know it had to be sometime in 2001, I was working and going to school so I had no time to watch any new music videos, so my brother (the genius that he is) recorded videos from MTV and played them back.  He introduced me to the video of Crawling and I was like "Who are they again?" I kept on thinkin to myself "this is different to what I normally like" but I couldn't help it. After purchasing my own copy of HT, I bought the DVD "Frat Party at the pankake festival" for my hubby (he was my bf back then) and watched it.  Lets just say that the DVD is now mine lol.  Been hooked since then :)

The first time I heard Linkin Park, I think it was the song' New divide', but I'm not really sure.

I immediately loved it. With every song I have the feeling the lyrics is just made for the music, and the music for the lyrics, Everything just fits so well. My friends justed to talk a lot about linkin park, but I didn't know it was that good 'till I heard it myself! I'm SOOOO happy I got to know linkin park, absolutly the best group EVER <3

I am a old LP Fan i started with them back in 99 and have followed and loved this group every since lol they r all so talented and always look forword 2 their next album and concert! LP Fan Forever!

I do not remember the date, plus the first I heard was Forgotten (my favorite)

when i was 16year old i first heard linkin pak song called as IN THE ENd from HYBRID THEORY and loved that song so much that i started to follow lp evryday

i searched lp in wikipedia and all the oder site who had information about lp

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