I pre orderd the cd/dvd set....i got a recipt email but i got no links to download the catalyst....Mike saisd we get it early but how much earlier from August 2nd?

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told you follow the link for the post i made everybody needs to let linkin park know we are tried of them fucking off this album was supposed to be out 6 months ago stop the dead by sunrise, itunes, and every other excuse to fuck off shit we need to start holding them to what they fucking say just cause they are great doesn't give them a right to fuck their fans

chris said:
It is 1 PM est

Zane Liu said:
Alright people....those who preordered the album get the email download at 1pm EST and itunes won't have it till later at night. Remember New Divide came out at 9pm. If we're lucky we'll get it in the afternoon. Now these times are all in US standard time.

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