On the grounds of body art being a massive major issue and topic chester is fanatical about. not only that but chester's tattoos are a major part of who he is and what is personal to him. this proves that this tattoo section is a very important issue therefore should be regonised as so chez fan.!

If that's the case, simply state that the tattoos mean a lot to him-said in the article.


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i love his tattoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hmmmm....!! ;)

well, me too..!!

With or without tatts, I love Chester, he's a good fellow :)
its not that Chez don't look good with tattoos,but its the tattoos which look gr8 when they are on his skin..!!

If you were thinking I thought you were saying something negative about tatts on Chester, Anurag, I knew you were saying you think they're great on him. I was just saying I'd love him if he had no tatts, and I love him with them also. Maybe not necessary to say, but I felt like it. (embarrassment) :)

I wasn't saying something negative about chester...why would i do that.??  I meant to say that Chez luks gr8 without tatts and, awesome with tatts too!!..I think you were gettin' it all wrong Aaralyn.!! I didn't meant to say somethin' regarding embarrassment of anyone..!! :)


No worries, Anurag - nice to clear up misunderstandings from both sides :) I knew you were only saying good things about Chester. I thought maybe you thought I was not. ;) Have a lovely day/nite, Anurag! :)

same to you , Aaralyn.. ;) !!!


Thanks Anurag :) :) :)

I like his tats. It's so cool!!!


I agree

Aaralyn D said:

With or without tatts, I love Chester, he's a good fellow :)

I too agree....:)



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