I noticed all of the big singles of A Thousand Suns has intros. Like Fallout before the Catalyst, Jordana Del Muerto before Waiting For The End, The Radiance before Burning in the Skies, and Wisdom Justice, and Love before Iridescent. The sound clip, Empty Spaces is before When They Come For Me. And on the CD Minutes to Midnight, they had 1 explicit single. I strongly think it's When They Come For Me. If it's any other song (especially Robot Boy) I will be surprised. What's your thoughts of this?

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I really hope it's When They Come For Me. It's a really unorthodox song, but really really great!
Oh dude. When they come for me is a song that has much meaning, shows that no one is an object which can handle, we have feelings. I love it!
yeah, i dont think that WTCFM will be the next sngle , maybe blackout, ;P
but chester says that there's will no be another one :/
honestly i don't think it'll be a good radio single :)

I think It's going to be "Dance in the Dark" but my friend has argued that the next single should be "Monster" or "Speechless".
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PLEASE let that song be a single ( when the come for me). I wanna see a video to that. it is definitely my favorite song on whole album.... but i love the whole album so let the whole album have videos lol. but if i had to choose one it would be when the come for me


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