Where is the Redeem Link for the Living Things Remix Subscription?

I preordered Living Things and received an email saying this yesterday:

The first song from the LIVING THINGS Remix Subscription is now available for download for those fans who pre-ordered LIVING THINGS from LinkinPark.com.

To download "BURN IT DOWN (RAC mix)," go to LinkinPark.com, click the REDEEM button on the main page, then enter the code below.

When I go to the main site though, I cannot find a redeem button. Anyone else having the same issue or can help me out? Thanks!

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I haven't even received an email about the remix yet. And it's not on linkinpark.com/main, it's on the page where you preorder Living Things

-.- just go to lp.com the button is black and says "CLICK HERE TO REDEEM"

Instant mp3 download of "BURN IT DOWN"
Digital download of the full album, delivered on 6.26.12.
Early access to tickets for the just-announced Honda Civic Tour in North America.
Subscription to LIVING THINGS REMIXED. You will receive one new remix per month for the next 8 months. CLICK HERE TO REDEEM

Really odd. It was not showing up in Firefox...but when I switch over to Safari I could see the redeem button. Thanks!



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