whether the LP has a chance to become a legend of numetal?

Yes, danger is drifting toward pop, but taking into account the losses  caused to the image of the LP by ATS record , and the fact that it is not the biggest economic success  in the history of the team, it is expected to return to a more rock style.

In total, it's quite interesting that a team with such a great singer and a professional, talented musicians can not get through the first 50 sets of various kinds of the greatest songs.

Of course, if we fans set them,  the situation would otherwise.

It seems to me that the problem lies in the perception of the LP as a commercial team.

Generally, it is always better in such statements fall teams, which  making up a bit leftist image and even U2 has issued a very commercial album like "Fly" , we all remember the politically committed  song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"

There is also talk about the fact that Bono is known for his work for the ecology (as is known, most environmental organizations have leftist ideological roots.)


I think that ignoring the team (eg, the LP has only two Grammys), consisting of many talented people have its source in  the distinctive image.  LP lacks a vision as a team socially engaged,

which could also be partly improved  by illustrating the MFR foundation acts of faces of the LP members.  


Unfortunately, no clear-cut image  makes Chester is only on the 46 site set of the best singers (Freddie Mercury  is on the 6th, though I do not think thatit is  objective merit of his vocal)

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