adakah sedikit kemiripan di antara kedua video ini? Video "waiting for the end" sama video "iridescent"....

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I don't get the point of this discussion :D sorry

I think you are saying that those two videos have a similar feel, yes? If so, I felt that when I looked at the 'Iridescent' video also, having seen 'Waiting For The End' previously, with the skulls, skeletons and Chester being made to look weird etc - though I like the glittering bits in 'Waiting For The End', added a bit nicer feel than 'Iridescent' has for me. For me, the 'Waiting For The End' video is fairly suitable to the song.


Have a nice day/nite :)



ilyaz Greenline said:

hee.. :D sorry, I had a discussion with Indonesian, :D...

and this is its meaning: (is there a little similarity between this video? Video "waiting for the end" as the video "Iridescent" ....

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