Which Linkin Park's Song that can make your tears running down uncontrollably ?? ( or song u can relate to)


I had a dark past,, and still trying to cope it (my traumatic experience , shame and anger)

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well, there are a lot !! I don'tknow wich one is the worst...maybe "the iridescent" the first time I heard it..not that I don't like them, but they really moved me in a good way of course !!!!



Melina Meyer

"THANK YOU VIDEO" from Linkin Park Fans to Linkin Park

it's not a song... it's the fans thank you video...........I always cry when I watch it

here's the link if you haden't see it yet



definetly,  iridescent. no doubt about that!


No Roads Left! This is just... one heck of a song.


I love it so much that I don't want to listen to it, so I can love it forever.

excellent choice! love that song.. 

kyle shafer said:
hands held high, it speaks so many things that i believe, and have happen to me.. its unreal..

For me is "The Catalyst"..."Iridescent"....."Numb"...... and "Easier To Run"

all this song are really meaningful for me



Iridescent and The Messenger for me.
definatly somewhere i belong i just feel like no matter what i do i wont ever be acepted the first time i heard it i didnt like it, or much of meteora i just found it hit to hard and to close to home =(
whoa just changed mine just heard no roads left dont no if i can hold back the tears.....

The Messenger

its got to be messenger for me! i love this song. the way chesters voice is raspy and different from all the other songs on the album :)



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