Simple enough Street Soldiers :P

What'd ya get?

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I got the one with the 2 t-shirts. I got the LPU7 as the second shirt. Was hoping for 1 or 2...but that's ok. The chances were against me. :-)
Premier pass for me. Vinyl # 280. looks great!
well done i'm still waiting and i joined in Aug.

Hardik said:
A week ago, I received the regular 9.0 package and it's really awesome.
Generally as they say that it takes around 8-10 weeks to arrive and I am an international member.

But I got the package in less then 4 weeks!

Good work LPUHQ.

Premier Pass but i haven't recieved it yet :/
I'm waiting for my Premier pack to arrive here in Germany. It's been 4 weeks since I ordered. Should arrive in the next 4 weeks ^^ Hoping for a cool vinyl number =)
I got the Bonus Pass with LPU 3.0 Shirt and LPU 7.0 CD. The same CD I get with LPU 8.0.
And I got my package last week. Only 4 weeks to wait :D
got the regular package and still waiting for it to arrive in NZ
Hi DAN!!! how have you been buddy!?!??!

I have not signed up for LPU9 yet... my LPU8 expires in March.... I got the cool plaque last year... I need to go see what is being offered this year... but, I will for sure sign up.... :D
lpu 3 shirt and 7 d like EVERYONE else
Package arrived today.
vinyl number 308 ^^
I got the regular package (no more money to spend..... sigh)
i got the LPU9 and i'm still waiting on some stuff.


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