which one do you think is better, hybrid theory or minutes to midnight?

a lot of linkin park fans in china thinks the third album"minutes to midnight" is much worse than lp's first album,then what do you think??? indeed ,the music style has changed a lot ,but as for me,i love the third one,too.i think there are more meaningful things in the third one.do you agree with me??

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Hybrid Theory is more hardcore than Minutes to Midnight..M2M seems like it was talking about the war and everyday life things..The music sets its own tone for that.
All LP albums are greats, I think, but I have read a lot of comments where fans are saying that they don´t like M2M and it´s sad .
One guy said that he stopped listening LP because he was dissapointed in M2M and he said that he´ll listen LP again when their new CD will come like Meteora or Hybrid Theory .
I´m listening their older songs more too, but, M2M is good too, It´s different and I think it´s good, because LP can show that they can make other music too .
I´m waiting their new CD, I hope that there is little bit M2M, little bit Meteora and little bit Hybrid Theory and little bit something new . I hope that there will be Mike rapping too .
I recon that hyprid theory is much better than minutes to midnight cos' I like rock more than rap,
and minutes to midnight includes more rap music than hyprid theory. Tihs is just my own idea anyway...
Hybrid theory is always gonna be the best album, minutes to midnight only one song is just really good and thats "in peices", what i've done and shadow of the day are good in the album too but no it mostly sucks too much slow songs which does not equal what linkin park has started about 11 years ago, lets look at another band called Skillet, they startded about the same time as linkin park did, and from there to now as of 2010 they are still with their same type of music since they started, but why can't linkin park do that? The band members arn't that old yet, they can still enjoy their lifetime until they get like 50 or 60, so why can't they impress us like 11 years ago....
Lyric-wise m2m wins but in terms of the music then hybrid theory ftw
yea, M2M lyrics are much more meaningful. still i prefer the first one. M2M is like pop-rap than rock to me.
Of course Hybrid Theory! It is TRUE LINKIN PARK! M2M is worse than Meteora and HT...I believe that Linkin Park don`t was have to changed your style.
Minutes to Midnight isnt as soft of an album as everyone says it is, however it had a huge variety, the softest and the hardest hardcore LP songs of all time, a wonderful album that is always fresh to listen to, Hybrid Theory is about as classic of an album as they come, the most memories are instilled in it and Ive probably listened to more of it than any other album, but it is also an album of one definition, of one sound. This is great for a first album but it doesnt allow all of the songs to have their own identity. Conclusion...They're equal albums but Hybrid Theory takes the cake due to its classic beginning, its like Genesis of the Bible

Alina said:
Of course Hybrid Theory! It is TRUE LINKIN PARK! M2M is worse than Meteora and HT...I believe that Linkin Park don`t was have to changed your style.
I definately agree with you, dead on
Definately Hybrid Theory by a long shot
hybrid theory for sure...
MTM is the greatest. the lyrics are much better and the melodies are epic

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