As we know

There are sooooooo many beautiful sentences in their lyrics

I love this one most "Keep me in your memory ,leave out all the rest~"

So ,what`s your favorite?

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Margaret Santos said:
Mine would come from my favorite LP song which is Iridescent "Remember all the sadness and frustration and let it go." This song helped me to get rid of my suicidal thoughts but LOATR is the song that has the best lyrics. I want LOATR to play during my funeral

Mine fav lines are probably from Given Up: "I'm my own worst enemy I've given up I'm sick of living" and "Tell me what the fuck is wrong whit me". Those words helped me get rid of my dark thoughts and i realized that i'm really my own worst enemy and i did all that harm by myself. But few months ago i wanted to forget one guy, lines from Roads Untraveled helped and i like very much them too: "Give up your heart left broken. And let that mistake pass on. 'Cause the love that you lost, Wasn't worth what it cost. And in time you'll be glad it's gone"

"like an army, falling, one by one by one"

Right now I'm feeling "Forfeit the Game before somebody else takes you out of the frame" is is right?:)from Points of Authority.

"When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind"
Imma have this tattooed on me one day when I'm allowed



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