Most fans have their favorite songs. I'm wondering why.. Name your most favorite and least favorite and explain why! Let's discuss, I'm curious :)

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My favorite at this point would have to be Leave Out All the Rest, because it reminds me of all of the children I've taught over the years. I'm always an emotional wreck on their graduation day. I've ran into some of my former students on occasion, and, it's always nice how, after years of not seeing them, they still remember me. I can relate to the lyrics of that song so much because of that.

My least favorite would have to be One Step Closer. I think it doesn't have much substance, and, aside from the fact that it's overrated, I'm just tired of hearing that song over and over again. (I do like hearing it at a live show, though, they intro'ed it very well during PR '08)

Regardless, I have not heard a b-side or song of any of their studio albums that I didn't like. LOL, I like some more than others, but I love them all!
Yeah, I know what you mean. Saying goodbye is always hard. I just had a class meeting today and it was strange to see those people all grown up and changed.. For a night, it felt like back then when we saw each other every day. They've become a part of me, not in a positive way tho. However, it's been long ago and I missed them a little. Years passed so fast and it was good to see them again :) But the really reason why I attended this meeting was our teacher. She's an amazing person and I loved her. I bet your students feel the same about you.

One Step Closer doesn't have much substance? I'm surprised. That song is about being left alone and not heard. When people leave you alone but still hurt you so much that you feel "one step closer to the edge", when you're really a step away from breaking and soul destruction.. It's a very deep song and really painful. No substance? =)
Its not on an album but my favorite LP song is No Roads Left. The lyrics really speak to me and i can listen to it on repeat for hours. Mike's voice is amazing throughout, and the instrumentals are simple yet very powerful.

But thats just me :D
Agreed :D :)
What a question! How anyone can even choose one is beyond me. The CD that sticks out the most for me though, would have to be Hybrid Theory. I honestly don't know what I would have done if it wasn't fir that disc. It kept me sane during my high school years. Kids are cruel these days you know... It's funny though, my boyfriend on the oter hand, favors Meteora.

I must say though, so much emotion goes in to the music, it's just amazing!

Slightly of topic, Will Linkin Park ever come to Canada? If not, what would be the closest place to Canada? I'm more than willing to travel, but flights to Switzerland just are not cheep...unfortunately.
Yes, kids are cruel.. kids were cruel with me too.. Hybrid Theory and Meteora were the albums that helped me a lot with these things and I've found the place where I belong.

"I must say though, so much emotion goes in to the music, it's just amazing!" - this is very true. Absolutely agreed :)

Umm.. will the band ever go to Canada? I don't know.. There are many places they have never gone to, but they try to visit as many countries as possible. Chester was in Canada not too long ago, maybe he liked it and will recommend it.. who knows? We will see.

All their songs are great, but my favorite without a doubt is Breaking the Habit, because it reminds me of all the bad things that happened to me and how I pulled through each of them. It's been my favorite ever since it was released. Also the meaning of the song is very touching, especially since Chester cried several times on this song because it meant a lot to him.


Picking a least favorite is even harder, but Somewhere I Belong is my least favorite of their singles just because the beat of the song isn't as good as the other LP songs, and its more boring than most of their songs. That's just my opinion. Of all their songs, In Between, Hands Held High, Valentines Day, Hit the Floor, and My December are my least fav cuz I don't think they're that good.

That is such a tough question... and, although I may be in the minority here, I'll have to say "In Between"...


Ha, I may be the only person on this website that has that tune down as their favorite, but that's cool... why is it my favorite? Well, we all have times where a certain song makes us feel better about a situation or gives us the goosebumps (which a lot of LP's songs do), and this seemed to be the one I played the most during that situation.


I know I'm breaking the rules here, but if I was allowed to pick a song off of every album, here are my picks:


Hybrid Theory: Cure for the Itch

Reanimation: Krwlng

Meteora: Lying from You

Live in Texas: Runaway

LP Underground: Across the Line

Minutes to Midnight: In Between

A Thousand Suns: Iridescent


Honestly, I really don't have a song that I dislike enough to say its my least favorite.

There are no rules here :) I was curious, you shared your thoughts and opinion :) Thank you!

Jeff V
You're very welcome, I'm definitely an LP fanatic so it's great to talk with people on the website about their music. I just went to MSG to see their show on Feb 4th and it was INSANE! I was way back in the seats but it didn't matter... great time.

Reenzy Bennington said:
There are no rules here :) I was curious, you shared your thoughts and opinion :) Thank you!

Jeff V
hybrid theory - pushing me awayy :)
Good one :)

Yael Sandra Fort said:
hybrid theory - pushing me awayy :)

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