i sent in my RSVP for a M&G for the staple center concert on FEB-23,

im a LPUX annual pass holder, but i only paid for 2 month's of it, by the next month coming up it will be expired,

now since i sent in my RSVP wile im still a LPUX annual holder, does it still count? or do i have to keep my membership open till the time of the concert?

cause i don't know when they will let me know if i got the M&G, i don't no when im supposed to got the Email, 

was i supposed to get the "yes" or "no" at the same time i got the email saying " this is not a ticket " when i clicked one the "download ticket now" 

When will i get that email? When did you?

Can anyone help with this? 


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Hey, not sure if you've gotten any help or not yet, but they usually don't send out the M&G e-mails until very shortly before the actual concert date. However, I'm pretty sure your LPU membership has to be up to date in order to attend. I could be wrong, but that's just the impression I've always been under. But, yeah, I don't think they'll be sending out e-mails for the Staples Center for another couple of weeks...
I got my M&G confirmation the day before the show and I am pretty sure you still need to be a member to get picked.

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