who is bettr looking

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Mr. Rob Bourdon, all the way. >8D
Mike and Rob.

Chester is sexy!
Mike for sure!
MIKE SHINOOODAAAA!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3
0.0 MIKE SHINODAAAAAA and and chester and brad without the beard and rob too :) but mike beats them all :D
All ! xD But for me more, maybe, it is Chazzzz xD
they're too old to be cute:DD
chester for me very charming, sexy and i love his voice... but i hate his earrings.
They are all so cute.
Ummm, I think Nick is cuter than his brother Joe. Oh wait, that's another boy band.

Personally, I think Chester is just dreamy. Too bad they can't make great music anymore. At least some of them can fall back on their looks and make movies.
Chester Charles Bennington.<3. of course. he has the best vocals in the world. he's a sexy man. he's a sweetheart. he's justttttt perfect.
MIKE MIKE MIKE!!!!!! myyy LOVE!!!<3

haha but I think Rob and Chester are looking hot too!:)

Joe, Brad and Dave are handsome, but they're not my typesxD

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