Name - " Killing Cassidy " AGE : (16-19 ) may make exceptions i guess im the band leader buht i want it 2 be more collaborative with sharing ideas , i have alot to offer i need people with open minds and ideas to make "music happy love awesome " its going 2 be a urban rock band hip hop/rock "hip rock" female singer is what im looking for who can blow those fucking pipes ever heard of linkin park ?? its something like that if u havent heard of linkin park , hear them thats about it i need a "Shaggy " " Fred" "Daphne" and "Velma"

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U mean Like in rea life our trough the internet if in real life our needs to be in Holland if trough the internet I am Ur rythem guitarist / back vocals if needed :-)

i would join your band (: 

I maybe could over the internet I play drums and guitar. But I kind of already have a band.

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