I've never seen Linkin Park live, but I want to change it ... I want to see and hear the LP in the Czech Republic! Who agrees? LPwere in the Czech Republic five years ago! This is a very long time! It's too long time! I would definitely go to their concert ... Like any rock fan!

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Yep!!! Guys please, arrive to the Czech Republic!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh! Thank you!!! I agree! Come here!!

I now so many fans in czech republic so....arrive to the Czech Republic please :-D

Than for support! :DDD

Thanks for support! :DDD

I want to see you, at least once a life. Please come to the Czech Republic!!!

I've never been to a concert, i wanna see Linkin Park live! It's my dream.
I wanna see you, sing with you, shout, jump and enjoy the feeling. And i'm not the only one.
Czech republic is waiting for you. :)

Thank you all who supports my discussion

I'm from USA, but saying They should, Cause i know all the fans have feeling same way i have, we want see  LP, they should cross the world & all the cities

LP Rux  

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