1.good rapper



4.good mucian

5.bcoz he is famous

6.he's part of lp band

7.unique songs

8.sense of humor


10.or anything else....

and explane why?

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Because all of the reasons above and because he is just being himself :) ! LINKIN PARK ROCKS !!!!

Can't choose one..... :)


i love mike shinoda coz he's soo cool, handsome n also really smart.. he can make many great songs... love himm...

omg.really love shinoda..

yah..al ov de above..

a good rapper and cute..

all of the above, yes!!! But if I have to choose, i'll say
he is thoughtful + a good musician/producer + handsome(duh?!)
Do you know this Mike yet??? This was the true LP-Mike...

because he is hot and beyond awesome!!!!

Mike is so talented. He sings and plays brilliantly. I really appreciate him as an artist.
I think every reason, saw!
He was a great person and it makes me that I sympathize with him

If you hear his voice you already feel freedom and thoughtfulness...You can set his voice apart from a thousand others

mike shinoda is a good producer a great rapper ever he write good music he know a ;lot lp best band in the world and always no 1 in the world

love all the above

he is kind a cheeky guy



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