1.good rapper



4.good mucian

5.bcoz he is famous

6.he's part of lp band

7.unique songs

8.sense of humor


10.or anything else....

and explane why?

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I like him because he's really cool and a very good musician. By the way he's also handsome and smart but the most important things (for me) are: he can sing, makes good music and doesn't abuse his fans as running wallets (well, I can't be sure..but I can hope). The best thing about him is that he's for me not the "big unattainable love," but the cool unattainable rocker. This makes the situation more bearable..:)
because he is just so creativ and he sings and rap sooo awesome! I just love him!!<3 and he looks very good^^
All. Because he does part of my favorite band and captivated my heart.
of course all of the above. he is unique dude,
9.hansome !?! Are you kidding?
This can't be called handsome, WALKING GOD for me (^o^)
You all said right, all above is the reason why we love him.
The thing you can't deny is that he is all the things you've desired.
Still I'm searching for a man like him, no matter I totally know that it would never be true.
My only ideal man...

Above all.because he's always excellent everywhere!

All of the above and because he have beautiful smile and he is very pretty))))))

He is an all around musician. Rapping, singing, etc. He really is talented and cool.

1. one of the best rappers in the world

2. hilarious

3. creative

4. original

5. gr8 voice

6. adorably cute

7. frickin awesome

8. part of linkin park


Because he is awsome!


He has a fantastic voice, and a good sense of humor!

Why wouldn't you like him? Everything about him is great; his looks, his music, sense of humor, everything. But personally I like his voice the most, well OK I probably like that he's really hot. Ya that's probably what I like most about him.


I love you Mike.

all of them together he is just THE BEST man ever existed and i cant give any explanation why i love mike....i adore him because he is JUST mike! <3



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