Why have you guys bought into the Propaganda Machine?

Hello. I have been a huge Linkin Park fan since 2005 and earlier... Your music has been a huge ppart of my life and the lyrics to all your music is practially hard-wired into my brain. I've watched your popularity rise over the years and I have always loved your work.

When I heard your song "Castle of Glass" was being used in Medal of Honor Warfighter, I did not exactly like that but I understood that you guys benefit from it and your music has been in other similar titles. When you guys released your video, everything I perceived about you guys changed.

Until this moment, I had seen Linkin Park as somewhat of an older brother to me, guiding me through the toughest times in my life, and suddenly I felt betrayed. I am a apt researcher and know of the thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East being exterminated by our so called "valiant" military, and the despicable drone attacks that are taking place as well.

The music video for Castle of Glass glorifies war and join the US armed forces and thus acts as propaganda  for enlisting into that army. In watching this video, and purchasing your music (which I always buy and do not pirate), and getting any LP merchandise, I am inadvertently contributing to the murdering of innocent civilians in Iraq, Pakistan, etc.

When I watched this video the first time, I literally could not hold back my tears as I realized what an effect you guys can have and how you had fallen so far to be used as a propaganda launching music group. Congratulations. You're at the top. Are you guys happy now? How does it feel, having no control anymore over what you represent any more.

I still try to like your music, but Linkin Park is now a name that means much less to me, and I am now reminded that even Linkin Park is human.

Wanna see a visualization of the murders in the middle east? heres a chilling video (not by me):


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