Here is my take on people saying "a real fan would stick by them no matter what."

Lets say you "LOVE" Heinz Ketchup. There is something wonderful about
the sweet tomato taste from Heinz that you just can't find anywhere
else. Do you really love Heinz? Or do you love the style of Ketchup they
create? Let's say Heinz all of a sudden decides to experiment with this
wonderful product we've grown to love, and puts WORMS into the recipe.
Are we going to stick by Heinz and say well it's still Heinz, it's still
ketchup, so I love it anyway. NOT likely!

A Thousand Suns is still Linkin Park, it's still music...but it has a
big can of WORMS thrown in the mix...and I can't stand by this album for
a second.

ps. Everything rock or metal Rick Rubin touches....he destroys

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Notice no one is replying to this? Just thought you should know.
You did...what's your point?
Agree... But tbh after hearing again and again the CD I´m starting to grow into it, It has its own aura!

I think its verry deep and strong, each time I hear it it gets a litle better!

But I also miss a LOT their former style... But I guess we wont ever hear it again
Ketchup is a very bad example to use!obviously no one is gonna like ketchup when someone puts worms into it.But when linkin park make a new sound the majority of people like it!!
and besids you can allways have the original ketchup by hearing the 1st 2 CDs. And the last 2 CDs can be compared to the other Heinz souces, not as good as the original ketchup, but great in their own way! ;)
I'm glad all of you are enjoying the album. I was never a die hard fan like most of you on this board. I really liked "Minutes To Midnight", it showed growth and experimentation while still being rooted in a rock setting with distorted guitars etc...I am not a fan of electro/synth driven music unless it enhances a heavier rock or metal sound. For me not "getting it", is probably because I never followed the band on a personal level. They were always one of those bands in my mind that were good, but not essential to my musically driven soul. I certainly never made my comment to offend the die hard LP fans. I could go on forever, but I'm sure you get my point.

ps. Ketchup was the first thing that popped into my head, don't know why, as I don't care much for it...should've used mustard, now that's good stuff! :)
all right, sure we all miss their old sound. but OMG people. you guys were complaining about the new album about when its coming out and stuff like that. now your freakin complaining ABOUT the album. wut the hell people!!!! if you dont like LP anymore, dont fuckin listen to them!!!!! its as simple as that.
Treadley, while I disagree, I have to say I love your analogy.
You obviously aren't inviting argument here, you just wanted to make a point, so I feel no need to lecture you on why I think the album is great.
I'm sorry that you feel this way and I hope that you can move on and find something that suits your taste better without it impacting your feelings on LP's previous work.
@ Treadley I totally get where you are coming from with the ketchup theory. I am going to completely ignore comment above. I do not like the new stuff a few songs are ok at best, but I do not think this is this their best work by far or maybe it is anymore who knows.

This dude likes worms AND ketchup.

Dex said:

This dude likes worms AND ketchup.
the new album basically sucks. i agree it's different and creative yada yada yada...but bottom line it isn't that good

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