Why is Mark Levin allowed to use MY LINKIN Park music to be his lead in and outro to his show.

I am extraordinarily bothered by LPs music being used in conjuction with a Radical radio host like Mark Levin. Before anybody wants to make an accusation of my political views..... Understand that I do not want ANY political movement corrupting my love of LPs poetry. Much less an extremeist to his degree.

Could someone from a higher plain than myself please send them a notice to stop?


I LOVE LP! Keep up the GREAT work!

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I guess it's a bit like I feel when I hear one of my favourite songs blaring out from the stairwell of a strip club ;P I guess maybe at least people who listen to Mark Levin may get to like LP, which might be good for them, regardless of their political leanings :) ??? Feel free to disagree with me totally and utterly :D I don't mind :) Have a nice day or night :)

First off, it is not YOUR LP, it's everyone's. Second, to be chosen as the theme music for the 4th most listened-to radio program in the country speaks highly of the song as well as exposes the song and band to millions of people who otherwise would never have heard of them. Third, your statement about accusations of your political views is disingenuous as you know darned well that if Obama played "Somewhere I Belong," at his inauguration, you'd be Tweeting, "ZOMG!!!1!1!! MY favorite song by MY band is being played by teh #1 best Prez eva!!" Fourth, I doubt you know much of Mr. Levin beyond what you are repeating here as "Radical" and "extremeist to his degree."
Peace out, yo.

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