to me , i think he is the best rapper n he is so nice

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He Is @\/\/Э$Ф/\/\Э
and he is so nice to check all the email from the fan , n so nice to invite us to this group !
The songs and his voice is perfect ...

i want one day mike n Lp will come to my country
even I wish they will come to my country..........
LP rocks \m/
He's multi talented. Not only do I adore his musical gifts and his passion for art, He is also:
-full of ideas
-hard-working (he shouldn't be a workaholic though, its gonna hurt him)
-open-minded (ATS is great!)
Mike directly with the fans and it is good!:)
He is very creative, he knows a lot about music, musical instruments, technical background.......... I think.

And he is awesome of course.:))
Why wont we love Mike??????He is the most precious thing in this world....
Mike is the best rapper ! and he is so cute nice perfectt ... !!! i love him so.
coz mike shinoda is very talented and handsome.....♥♥♥ xD
He's handsome & very talented!
Love hi so much!
HE IS GOD !!!!! @.@
love you Mike!!!!



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