Yours logo absolutely like logo of KaVZ AutoBus Plant founded in 1958, but rotated.

proof link:

proof pic:">

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dude, wtf?

Linkin Park stole logo from russian company

xD it does look almost the same, but if you were a true lp fan, you would have known all the old logos and would have understood it. it's fine for me. i do not care ;)

KaVZ not fine about it. And lp is not old.

Is your English bad or aren't you reading? I said that the logo has been changing through the years and now it's the one you have on your profile pic. And how the hell do you know that KaVZ or whatever are not fine about it?? If they had a problem with it, they would have contacted LP...

First, as Rossi said, if the people had an issue with LP's supposed use of their image, they would have contacted LP.

Second, all it is is a distrated version of their Minutes to Midnight logo

Third, your pictures are not showing up so, I guess I will have to close this

Do not start this up again.



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