For me BREAKING THE HABIT is the best video that describe real life...........

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I really like What I've Done.  It shows the worst that human kind can do to the world.  I think everyone should watch it and ask ourselves - what have we done to this planet?

Crawling, From the inside, and Numb but also what I've done and  breaking the habit are awesome too 

1.What i've done
2.In the end
3.One step closer
4.New Divide
6.From the inside
7.Waiting for end
8.Burning in the skies
9.Powerless(Vampire Hunter)
10.Burn it down

I absolutely agree with Shaun Carter, couldn't have said it better.

castle of glass
in the end
lost in the echo
burn it down

Almost we can say All videos Who LP making is amazing But for me Most I love "NUMB" & Same "Breaking The Habit" &
"What I've Done" But if i wanna say more so My Top Favorite videos Are

2.Breaking The Habit
3.What I've Done
4.In The End
7.From The Inside
8.Somewhere I belong
10.Castle Of Glass
11.Burning In Skies
12.One Ste Closer

As of now, my favorite Linkin Park video is The Catalyst.

Castle of glass is one of my favourite vido,what about you guys?

Breaking the Habit, hands down. That music video is incredible! Every time I watch it I get goose bumps

For me Numb, but also Burning in the Skies, Lost in the Echo,What i´ve Done, and Castle of Glass

I love the video for Waiting for the End. I really love Burn It Down and In the End too.

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