If you want Linkin Park to tour Australia in the coming years comment!

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I'm stoked I saw them earlier this year for the first time when they were in Chicago. I'm hoping for a 2012 US tour again and another Chicago date. Here's to fingers crossed; 2010 was amazing.

I wish they come to Poland :)

It would be better if they tour in Europe again ;) but i guess that the australians also should have the pleasure of their company.

Common Linkin Park you need to come on another tour around Australia or come to a music festival here!

I really want to see them live, I think it would be an amazing experience to see the best rock band live!


Hi guys! (Mike.Chester.Rob.Brad.Dave.Joe.) :))

Excuse me, that I write on this title, but I did not find an other availability…:/

You receive many letters sure and you cannot answer all, but I would have an important request!!!

I would like to see you very much in Hungary. Hungary is in Europe.

I am sorry that you do not come into Hungary! Cause they love you on much at home!

If single Linkin Park would be a concert in Hungary, I would be the happiest one on the world!!! :)

I like it what you do guys, and you too!

I hope so I get an answer to my letter…

I wish you an additional pleasant day!

Dora, from Hungary

I wish Linkin Park would tour Australia sooo bad! They don't come here much so it would be great if they came in 2012 or 2013, preferably 2012 PLEASE PLEASE. :) I missed you guys 2 years back when you came to Australia so im desperate to see you.



I m Hoping they tour again in 2012 in USA Please come again 2 the Nashville/Knoxville TN Area! Please! Love u Chester ! Love u LP! From a Very Long Time Fan!

Please please come to Wellington New Zealand.



I would like so much for you to come in Macedonia or near Balkan because your songs are the best and i will definitеly attend anywhere near us, thx 

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