If you want Linkin Park to tour Australia in the coming years comment!

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come to back to massachusetts again

i'd like Linkin Park to come to the UK.....

Me, too. I will have a reason to go back to UK if they do :D

#HappyBdayChesterBennington @ChesterBe @TalindaB  Happy bday rock it with love and hugs <3 Fire Dragon Love

I am and have been a Linkin Park fan forever ! and it is my dream to see them live ! so i would love it if they would go to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada ! please and thanks ! love you guys always !

This was my dream last night:

I'm on a trip with my school and then I see Chester Bennington on a big ferris  wheel on on the left. All of a sudden the ferris wheel breaks off and starts rolling down the road. Then a medium sized ferris wheel also rolling down the road appears from the right with Mike Shinoda on it. Seeing the other ferris wheel appear Chester begins screaming because he know's they're going to crash. I run toward Chester's ferris wheel shouting his name but he doesn't hear and the two crash and fall towards the right. I want to go see if they're ok and help them but the teachers pull me away even when i try to break free. So I had to go on the internet to find out if they're ok. But I find an article that says 'Chester Bennington IS dead' with the IS in capital letters, the article said that it had been confirmed that Chester was dead but didn't mention Mike. I was so upset. Then I woke up.

The whole accident thing in the dream was much scarier than it sounds. When I woke up the first thing I did was Google Chester to make sure he was still alive. I don't know what the dream means but I'm posting this to let you guys know. And Chester if you're reading this, please be careful. The world would be a lost place is you were gone. And Mike too.

Oh and also please come to Manchester, UK pppppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Tour New Zealand were just across the ditch and I would be old enough to go

given space of time to think ahead

Equaliser for got Paswoord......:D

I need yall to come back to NEW ORLEANS please please please

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