If you want Linkin Park to tour Australia in the coming years comment!

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Most of you Australian Linkin Park fans probably already know about this, but Linkin Park is making an appearance at Soundwave 2013, and they are also having 2 side concerts in Sydney and Melbourne! February 26th at Sydney entertainment center!! SO KEEN!

they must come to cologne, germany!

I agree! My wish would finally come true if you guys came to Hungary!

Dora S. said:

Hi guys! (Mike.Chester.Rob.Brad.Dave.Joe.) :))

Excuse me, that I write on this title, but I did not find an other availability…:/

You receive many letters sure and you cannot answer all, but I would have an important request!!!

I would like to see you very much in Hungary. Hungary is in Europe.

I am sorry that you do not come into Hungary! Cause they love you on much at home!

If single Linkin Park would be a concert in Hungary, I would be the happiest one on the world!!! :)

I like it what you do guys, and you too!

I hope so I get an answer to my letter…

I wish you an additional pleasant day!


Dora, from Hungary


The most people who invented the stuffs that you all using nowadays for music was hungarian. So please, give us this gift, and come here. Hungary loves you... Little country, so many fans.

Please come to Norway!!

please! My wish is a concert of Linkin Park in Czech Republic! I love LP, but i donť have much money for concert in australia.. Please come to czech republic! Soory for my english, and new album Living Things is excellent!!!

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