If you want Linkin Park to tour Australia in the coming years comment!

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Would you come to Norway? I want to write about you in our school paper *just an excuse, I just really want you to come.* Either Arendal, Grimstad or Kristiansand!

Im a HUGE linkin park fan,and no matter where they are having concert, im trying to go!

I would like linkin park come to mexico city

It would be nice, if Linkin would visit Poland. They haven't been here in a long time. ; ( .

Come to CHICAGO please!!!

We are waiting for you in Poland!

you guys need to come back to minnesota please i would come see your show and lots of other people would to your music is so awsome i love your concerts i been to all of them there awsome

i love the music you write its so awsome you guys have a great talent i wish i could have keep doing what you do.

if they could come to sydney asap, life would be great!

yo deceo qeu linkin aprk venga a Ecuador

Linkin Park should definitely come to Europe !!!

Yes, we are! :)

Joanna Szczepańska said:

We are waiting for you in Poland!

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