If you want Linkin Park to tour Australia in the coming years comment!

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It would be too great if Linkin Park would be in Australia in 2013. I could visit them during my trip.

What's better during a trip abroad  than attend a good rock show of my favorite band.

nadia you need to experience Big Day Out or Soundwave when you come to australia! best music festival ever! I really want linkin park to come back cause they tour europe so much compared to the rest of the wrold and it aint fair :(((
they just did a whole tour of the US at the start of the year ahahah

Stuart Thank you for your advice.In which month the event takes place?

New Zealand is just across the ditch they have only been here a few times and did not promote A Thousand Suns here so it would also be awesome for them to pop and see us as the stupid ars government is thinking of shutting down our Big Day Out. All the Aussies are going to have to look forward to planes full of Kiwis for the Big Day Out if they do lol

you need to come back you england because i never seen you and it done my head in because my friend went and seen uses instead


ill fly to oz to see them, even better if they come to nz but ill pay and make it worth my while lol
after waiting for 10 years to return to Belgium, I would LOVE to see them back here in Belgium within the next 3 years. It would be even greater if they did a concert instead of giving their show on a festival. I don't like festivals so. But if linkin park is going to be in Belgium and it's going to be back at a festival, then I'm going at ALL costs...
Come back to Denmark! I have seen all of your 3 concerts + 1 in O2 in London ;)
big day out occurs in january and soundwave in march during summer
I wish you could come to Slovakia....but next time you come to Austria or Germany or Budapest or something close, I'm definitely attending!!!
First wait till the album is released, it's gonna be amazing!

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