Will Linkin Park Tour in 2012, cause I hope so.

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come back to chicago, illinois, ive heard you guys are amazing in concert and the energy is insane. something i'd love to experience!

jordan esposito said:

you need to come back to new york...... it doesnt matter what part of the state, ill drive out to see you guys. you were my first concert and i want to see you again.


I'm with you!!! Tri-State area PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I'll even make the trip to Philly if I have to


Linkin Park, please come to Slovakia... because you haven't been here before. I will be very pleased, and I think a lot of other Slovak people will be pleased too :) 

I wish they come to Perú!!!!!!

i hope so..please come to england <3

I'd really love if you came to Denmark in the summer 2012.

Come to Buffalo!!!!! Ask any band that played at Uproar, like Three Days Grace. They'll tell you were the most awesome, insane, pumped up audience you'll ever play for.

Hope theyll visit Denmark again, cause the concert in 2010 was totally EPIC!!! And I have a very good friend that couldnt make it last time :/ So if they come again I have to take her!!!

everybody hopes they will come on a new world tour

like if i am right

Linkin Park come to Lithuania please!!!

Hi, please come to Ecuador, little country but giant heart. You can pass to the history as the best concert ever in South America. Thousand of fans are waiting for you here!! please COME!!

I hope they do I live in missouri and I did not even know they were in kansas city last year because we had just moved to missourand were trying to get on our feet or i would have been right there i really would love to see them in concert i have listen to them sence the beginging but have never been to a concert by them let alone by anyone and would love to be able to see them i even want back stage passes and whatever i can get for tickets lol. I listen to linkin park all the time my 9 year old even loves linkin park we listen to them togheter and i hope there around a long time so when she is old enough i can also take her to a linkin park concert. Please come here soon :)

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