Hey guys. Because of having gotten into a rut / stuck on other projects, I started lining up the Living Things acapellas with various tracks, many of which are classic rock, and it's gone so well so far that I think before too long I'm going to have a full mashup album like American Edit of all the Living Things songs.

One problem I'm running into is artwork. I want to make an album cover that is a visual remix or mashup of the Living Things album cover the way all the music is going to be Living Things mashups but it's difficult to think of anything to do with the strange album cover they chose. Here it is in high resolution: https://adiek84.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/linkin_park_living_thin...

Any help / ideas from anybody with photoshop skillz would be greatly appreciated. It would be wonderful if we could make the white background behind the .... object, whatever it is ... transparent so that I can put a different image behind it, like maybe a collage I could produce out of the album covers of all the songs I've mashed Living Things up with. Anyway, you can check out my other mashup work at http://nerd42.net/ Thanks!

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