I really don't know what like more. So,i just would like to know what you think or which one for you do you like more

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You need to grow up to understand ATS, its album which makes you think about world, stop living in past dear "fans"

the new songs are not really good the old songs are better !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to believe that there's no "old" or "new" style, rather their music itself can be classified as diverse and evolving. I like what they're doing. It would be kind of boring to make the same-sounding songs over and over again, so why not experiment and have fun with it?

I love their new album, and how they progress, but I would love 2 other albums : one like Hybrid Theory, and the other like Meteora ! But I don't think it will be possible :/

back to their old style

My ideal situation would be to have an album with couple songs like Hybrid/Meteora, a couple songs like ATS, and the rest to be whatever brand new awesome thing they can come up with. :3
I like all their sounds.

Living things or hybrid theory style

well i have to say after seeing them in camden nj last friday they were fucking awesome. i said b4 that they have not played a place for my head the last few times i saw them and they open with it.... i went nuts. also this was my 1st time since ATS and Living Things came out and all the stuff they sick. they pyros for burn it down were pretty sick.

I think they must go back to ATS its so better

yes..because LP's music nowadays, seems like an RnB music.. lil bit disapointed :(

PEOPLE they cant go backwards. But go to a live show, like the one I was just at in camden NJ and you should be able to realize that LP is the best band, and best live band ever. In a live show they have all there classics that still kill as if they were brand new, they have there hardcore songs from the new albums like victimized, throw qwerty in there, blackout, and they have some great softer songs that are more complex when it comes to instrumentals and words, and they have the rapping new mike shinoda and the classic old school rapping of mike, you mix all that up into one show and there is no way you can say antying bad about what they have done. A show will introduce you to the entire sound of LP and how insane it is and how good they are. Then they have the instrumentals, the light show, the fireworks, the pyro, and you could never ask for a better show or band ever period. So no they cant go back to HT sound, chester cant scream like that anymore and there not that angry growing up kids anymore, but instead you get great music, that is evolving and a concert that has it all with MIKE on the other hand, at the top of his rap game. Chester at the end of his voice, which is why if they do victimized they dont do black out, cant scream like that anymore, its been since 1999 people lol

I've been growing up with this music and it hasn't let me down. I have seen the change/evolving ht to lt and I want more! Change is for the good. I probably would't want them to go back to their roots since they are not agonised teenagers anymore...:3 The lyrics are still telling and sending pieces of their lives. The music behind the voice is resonating with it too.

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