I really don't know what like more. So,i just would like to know what you think or which one for you do you like more

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I was never really a musical person... I never did listen to music at all until I heard Numb. then I bought the song, and listened to it a bit. Soon enough I listened to music all of the time, but mostly Linkin Park. IT WAS SO GREAT, I actually enjoyed music! but then when I hear the new album was coming out and I was all exited and all that... but then... I actually heard the songs and didn't feel the same satisfaction with Linkin Park's music as I had before. And even though the songs were not bad, they weren't what Linkin Park fans really want. In my opinion, Linkin Park's old style fits them better, even though these new songs are not bad, the majority of people enjoy LP as Hard Rock/Rap as they were.

Usually, people assault on what's new and which they can not understand.In brief they're not ready to receive it.
Anyhow,your view  on Linkin Park doesn't prove its evidence and will not. Do you know why? Here is the response:
Linkin Park is not Hybrid Theory,not Meteora,not Minutes To Midnight,not A thousand Suns,and not Living Things.Linkin Park is Linkin Park,six humans full of miracles as you,as me and as anyone else,so why you relate them to an album"which is bad according to you" just because it doesn't satisfy your tendency and differ from your perception.With all respect,I found that illogical.So you don't have to focus on the songs itselves but on the message that they want to deliver through them.

Til now you've just compared between the new albums and the old ones but I want you to give me logical reasons that show why Recharged is bad and Hybrid Theory is not (for example),in other word I want you to describe to me what a Linkin Park song is.

daniel lazarov said:

linkin park must go back to their roots.ATS was crap.i liked MTM it was good i liked songs like given up or no more sorrow.but ATS was the worst album in the world.they need more songs like a place for my head,lying from you,papercut.and everyone who prefer ATS to go and listen to this crapped techno.linkin park is nu metal not a crapped techno or pop thats not them.I hope someone from the band will read this.ALL OF YOUR MILLION FANS THAT COME TO CONCERTS WANT TO LISTEN FAINT,PAPERCUT NOT WAITING FOR THE END.i hope the new album will be like meteora-more metal,more screaming,more guitar.thats what i and 50 mil people are thinking.You guys are the best band in the world but you are best in nu metal not pop.you need to go back to your old style.

Well it's not like everything else sucks, it's just that for a rocker like me it's just not the electronic music that moves me.
I need some guitars fat drums and rocking vocals. You can make things like numb occasionally and i would listen to it and like it. But i just can't listen to a whole cd full of "The new stuff".
And i must add that everyone i know agrees with this and tell me to just enjoy the old stuff and drop my hopes on new great stuff...

That's just how i feel and my opinion, but i think there are a lot of guys that will agree on me with this.


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