I really don't know what like more. So,i just would like to know what you think or which one for you do you like more

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I've been listening to LP since Hybrid Theory. My brother got the CD and we would rock out to it with broomsticks acting like guitars. LP is by far my favorite band of all time and they have such variety it's amazing. I believe, like plenty of other fans, that there is no "New LP" nor an "Old LP". All there is is LP, the greatest band ever. I've loved every album so far and Living Things is no different from the others. As long as LP stays LP, I'll follow them. All they're doing is exploring themselves and I believe that they are succeeding in all their different styles. LP forever. Period. :D

yes i really wait they back just like in the hybrid theory. .
but combine with new style is very become uniqe and more powerfull

No, people grow and that also counts for Linking Park. The past is to learn from and you look at the future. ;-)

we want the old lp!!!!!

I would like them with a combination of both like in LOVING THINGS but with a little more meteora.

Throw in some of the 'old' style linkin park in the next album and Ill be happier. If this is the direction they are taking thats great but keep some of the roots from when we all started loving them. (Meteora, Hybrid Theory)

Hi. I like all their stuff. As an artist ur going to get many different opinions and that comes with just being an artist. Their new stuff jut shows how they have grown as beings and artists. A loyal fan will make their own choice but I respect what they put out and what they do. It all has meaning and communicates. Thats the most important thing in Art. I love "old school" linkin park because thats what got me. Hope this helps. Again its just an opinion. :)

I actually REALLY enjoy the new album. It's my 2nd most favourite album next to Meteora. I like how they've seemed to perfectly infuse their "old" sound with the "new" sound. I think they should be proud of Living Things for I feel they did accomplish what they set out to do. Living Things may not sound like their old sound but I could sure feel the emotion and passion like in their older stuff (although they never disappoint when it comes to feeling the music). I sure am looking forward to their next album and can't wait! (I hope it will be in the direction they went with Living Things.)

Whatever LP is i will accpet them because LP is my life :D

I don't mind. I love all the songs what they make, no matter what.

I like all albums of them until now,so i would like in the upcoming albums to have the both styles,something like the song what i've done.

Let's face it, Linkin Park is only for little kids who have no idea about music, that's why they think they're gods and are like 'OMG Linkin Park is the best' all the time, but can't really justify that.
You're all like 'Linkin Park changed for better','Linkin Park evolved' and shit of that kind just because they went from using little guitars in their music to no guitar at all.-
They just don't know how to compose music, that's why they overuse computarized sounds. I'm really sorry for them, because they think they're 'rocking', lolz.

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