would you take the time to be heard? and read this please.

hey was u a member of lpunderground before it was changed?

if so can you, help spread the word of a chain going around to get the old website, chat and forums back. ty 


to start the chain, just copy and then paste it again, with your name on it. try to get to as much as possible. you can put a username or your real name. but just please help out. if you want the old website back or even anything that looks like it. 


1. linking9unique










-- give numbers runs out, then please add more --

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Cillian said:

I doubt a petition will work, unfortunately. They might cop on and get their act together for LPU11, but for some reason I doubt that too.


If I were in a band of LP's stature I'd be quite embarresed if my official website was a shitty a this one, (doubly so if my fanclub was merged with it).The amount of unchecked spam on here is ridiculous.


The fan sites are so much better.

If something is to populair, they need to ask much morem oney. That's logic. Now they loosed some costumers but have more money + the costumers have more chances form eet and greet because there aren't to much anymore.

Jasmine Carrero said:

I remember that for $25, you would get the following (this was for LPU for the first few years)

  1. Membership card
  2. LPU CD
  3. T-shirt
  4. Bumper sticker
  5. access to LPU
  6. an Email @linkinpark.com
  7. The Newsletter
  8. Contests
  9. pre-sale tickets
  10. Chance for Meet n Greet

Then I left and came back and the LPU had changed but this is crazy!  $60 a yr, and we have to pay for the LPU CD??!! and we lose alot of what we had loved.  I don't like this at all. What happened to our LPU?? :'(

I'm still waiting for my package that you get with the membership...
your from the old old one. i been trying for the longest to get people to help. i mean i got quotes from people although i did lose hope. but i still want to fight D;

burning daylight said:
to be honest, i don't think things are going to be changing around here, especially since HQ hasn't been listening to us. we've been consolidated, and that's the way things are going to be from now on. i'm not renewing again, and all the REAL LPUers (like me/marcus/everyone who was around from LPU1-9) probably won't either. this is such an epic disappointment. 

Marcus Smith said:

  I would advise you to save your $60 and wait for another year when the LPU is actually a fan club again rather than just the same site that everyone can log into.

yea the same with the others. i am have been saying. instead of changing the old website. they would have so much more free time. the website site had a chatroom, blog, forums, and much other things u could do on there and it was easy to get info. not much ppl go on there emails everyday. and then lose out on information. now its lpu connected to lp.com 

and i get that its changed... and its only 60 cuz of the summit. but they should take out the 20 dollars for the summit. cuz not everyone can go and ppl who couldnt had to pay that 60 for nothing. i didnt ask any questions i just paid it. and then they changed the site. and we had to wait a couple of months to get a website. yea i know not everything can be deliver in the time they want to give it. but they should of did all of this and then change it to the site to let us test it out. and take a vote. and for the ppl who did say that stuff about the old website isnt here and never will come back.


and the packages was taken away. why would someone complain about that. one of the best things in the lpu. they should of never took it away and now we have to wait forever just to get it. i just hope lpu11 is better.
Lode Jersiebe said:

I'm still waiting for my package that you get with the membership...
oh hush it. we had that stuff with the old site too. no one asked u to come on here and give in ur lame two cents. and u dont know if that 20 is from summit or not. but that what we think. the other 20 had to come from somewhere. but the 60 im not complaining on that part. we get it we are still here but what was giving to us was a "better website" that promised other things but the old site was already better. 

Vincent Lee Parker said:

so all this complaining is lame..  when signing up for LPUX they told you everything you would be getting.  supposedly, the LPU community features are still being worked on.  your not paying $60 for summits you cant attend, your paying $60 dollars to be in LPs inner circle. this includes pre-sales, chatting with the band, giveaways, and more. 


pleas stop complaining that its different...  i do agree that it should contain some goodies (a t-shirt, CD, stickers, and hoorah) $60 is a little steep.  but as Linkin park changes so will the website, LPU and more.. the LP sites are not voter based..  petitions are useless when the site is working as designed. 




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