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So I'm a huge fan of the WWE.  I am massively excited right now because I'm going to see Smackdown on Tuesday in Seattle.  Woohoo!!!  It's the first time I'm able to go to a live event.  I am DYING to see Edge, he's amazing.


So, who are everyone's favorite Superstars and storylines?


(Dan, you better get in here and post some pics of Cena!)

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Awesome! I can't wait for Smackdown tonight, lol.

Who are your favorites?

And omg, I just got my tickets this wee to the Over the Limit PPV in May. Soooo excited!

sexy emo hot chick fern 21 said:
To be honest im a huge fan of WWE and a huge fan of TNA i watch it all the time nonstop.
I used to watch WWE often, but now it's an occasional thing. I sometimes watch Superstars online (cause it's a short, simple show with straight up matches and it feels a bit old school in that way) and Smackdown. I did catch the Old School Raw the other day (not all of it, mind you) and it was pretty cool. I loved the ropes, the old logo banners and ring apron. It just had a totally different feel.

Aside from that, it's kinda homogenized and such.

Anyways, guys on the roster that I currently dig:

Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, Christian Cage, Sheamus, Kaval and the Dude Busters who just have this awesome douchebaggery tag team feel.. I dig the Hart Dynasty as well, but WWE doesn't do fuck all with their tag teams ever. Which is friggin' stupid.

Zig', Bryan and Drew are probably my top favorites currently though.

As for TNA, they fucking suck. Their program is embarrassing to the max and they had, at one point, a pretty good roster that they did absolutely nothing with. ugrhghrughhh.

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