Just heard the snippet for wretches and kinds, and really heard that LP energy from "old school" LP, It was better than Hybrid and Meteora 

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love i can't wait get my hands on the linkin park a thousand suns album a deluxe fan edition box set on august 31st to listen to the rest on the album to see if the whole song on album is any good
love it
The Catalyst its not a good music in everything the levels, on the other hand I like the lyrics.
I Really like it, but I think that is not the Linkin Park that we are used to listen, if you campare that song with From the Inside or In The End, you will see that the Catalyst is pretty electronic, but anyway i like it cuz' is a real new kind of sound. Let's wait for the new Album (A Thousand Suns) cuz' we cannot judge the band just with a Song!
HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want the hybrid theory/meteora linklin park back. Thats the lp i fell in love with not this techno trash
Love it!!!!
What else??!!
Just AWESOME!!!!
Hate it...Too much electrica you know if I want pop I would listen to Lady Gaga, I like my music with Guitars and I cannot stand Trance...Which the Catalyst almost is!
I like it because it's different and it sounds awesome!
I think its great. Im glad its not a continuation of their last album, that would be disappointing. It feels like they have mixed everything they have done so far into one song. It will most likely grow on most of the people who hate it at first listen. Dont fear change people.
God bless us everyone
We're a broken people living under a loaded gun
And it can't be outfought
It can't be outdone
It can't be outmatched
...It can't be outrun

The Catalyst - Linkin Park

Dope, catchy, the electro aint overloaded, the lyrics make sense
and the words are used artfully...love it

song actually sort of reflects the state of the world//how some things will never change
and seriously this song aint techno/electro heavy...they didnt spam it
they used it musically/// theres a big diff
like this style ...would like to see all their styles incorporated in a single album
good luck guys and keep making music
Не знаю переведете ли Вы то что я написал, НО этот сингл ПОЛНАЯ ХРЕНЬ!!! Такое ощущение, что Вы пишите музыку для СЕБЯ(хотите заработать, так как такую музыку будут ставить на радио и показывать на ТВ), а не для людей. Помню на концерт в Питере 26.07.09, я ехал с хрен знает откуда, ради ВАС и 3х первых альбомов. Если же этот альбом будет в стиле как и ЭТОТ сингл(херня), то я даже скачивать его не буду. Вспомните пожалуйста за какие песни(альбомы) Вас полюбили! А то сейчас Вы похожи на продажных девок, которые на все пойдут лишь бы срубить бабла. ЖАЛЬ только ТО, что Вам на эти мои слова ПОФИГУ и Вы будете дальше рубить бабло...
The lyrics follow along with the way linkin park is but the song is horrible. They are taking away from what they are in everyway. Chesters voice is distorted, mike isn't rapping, and the instuments are well terrible. I loved New Divide and I will buy the album because i am a die hard fan but i highly doubt i will enjoy it. I hope you guys read this and realise you have really disapointed a ton of your fans. James i agree with you Reanimation and Meteora are two of my favorite albums of all time. I have litterally worn out my Meteora album to the point i had to gladly go purchase it again after many years of playing.

I am kind of at a loss of words at how disapointed I am right now and can not describe how i wish i could hear the old sound again....

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