Just heard the snippet for wretches and kinds, and really heard that LP energy from "old school" LP, It was better than Hybrid and Meteora 

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I hate the sh*t out of it. I own all 3 LP albums, the Remix album, both Live albums, and Underground 6,7, & 8 and I feel like I've lost what used to be my favorite band. It's a mix of Pop/Techno/Rock and it's horrible. They need to quit the BS and get themselves on track because if the whole album is like this then I am paying no more attention to them
This new LP makes me want to cry it hurts so bad to know that they are complete sellouts now
I actually think it is a great song. I also think that LP is doing good exploring new styles, trying to keep their fans on their toes.


GO LINKIN PARK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Far from my favriot, but not my least favriot either, though it is missing something, lyrics?
I hate this crap. wtf. is it just me or did they peak at meteora. sure i know minutes to midnight had a few good tracks on it, but overall it was garbage compared to their earlier stuff. Maybe seeling their songs for movies has made them want to try for some kind of maistream top 40 junk and I for one just wish they would get back to trying to make something original and cool again. or just quit coming out with new albums all together at least I wouldnt get my hopes up. its a shame they were my favorite band at one point.
It's Dogsh*t... Thats coming from a Hardcore LP Fanatic....I prey the album isnt like this song.... will lose some serious ROCK credibility... Since when was chester's voice in need of distortion?? and since when was dodgy techno part of LP... Utter disappointment boys... i've been waiting since MTM for this album...
What is wrong with u haters. Ok u don't like the song, fine, but calling them sell outs just makes u sound retarded. And wanting old lp bak makes u sound just as bad. There getting older, there artists they are havong fun expirementing, and yes they peaked by 2003 it happens. Many people myself included will like this song n love the album. Would I like another hybrid theory of course but I enjoy the mix of hybrid, meteora, old school xero demos, M2M, collabos, soundtracks, fort minor and live albums, holy crap people do u see the amount of different quality music they have put out. Wake up, support the band n pop hybrid in if ya want 2 hear that, but go to a live show and hear all the styles sound sik on stage, even songs I didn't like as much on M2M are bad ass live. And those talken about the repeated lyrics lol where have u been, read some songs from first two albums, 30 words or less. Its the quality and there style since day one. The song has guitars in it, great lyrics, perfect for the video game and is just a different lp. I'm sure there will be 3 or 4 songs on the new album that every lp fan will love. Its rare to make albums with every track like hybrid n meteora, they did it twice, did it well. What do u mean since when did chesters voice ned distortion? One its not distortion, but it needs it because lp wanted to create that sound. And yes chester is getten older and he can't scream like he used too just see em live n u feel that, but lp still changes with the times, brings something new and does real music. They have never sold out, if anything there the opposite of sellouts cause they aint maken the same hybrid sound that is a guaranteed sell out sound that has already been done n loved by the fan. New fans will b gained and some fans lost just lik M2M, but the new fans and the true fans will b here to suport lp and rok on.
I personally think its a good thing, changing your sound, Metallica allthough considerd very good has songs that sound so much alike from one to another, it gets boring.
But like i said i always appriciated the lyrics in the songs, in almost all of them LP and Fort Minor, "The Catalyst" is missing some lyrics fo me to like it.
I dont hate it, but dont like it either. i miss hybrid theory and meteora.
though m2m has some good songs. just some :D
I love it.... :) Lyrics are great....
It change to the better way / for better time / to remind to be a better guys
that I think.....
and it is the best !!

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