Just heard the snippet for wretches and kinds, and really heard that LP energy from "old school" LP, It was better than Hybrid and Meteora 

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I love this song! I'd have to say that W&K and Blackout are my 2 favorites off Thousand Suns. Great Album all around. I'm looking forward to the concert. I've always wanted to go, but was soooooo broke for soooooo long, that I never had the money to buy tix. So psyched!
LOVE IT! Love everything on the new album :)
They never wanted to be labelled a "nu-metal band". That was forced on them. They did not sellout, they wanted to change to something more musically challenging. If they wanted to make money, they would stick to meteora's pop structure knowing the fans would buy it and it would sell loads, they would not use the idea of the 'concept album'. Something which has died since the 20th century. And yes, Meteora was repetitive and was basically the same song structure throughout. A band can outgrow a particular style. A band can change and keep their maiden sound, or lose it altogether, their choice, not yours.

Frederic Evans said:
Stop telling people to shut up, you have no right to everyone can share their opinion just as you have.

Now... I've listened to The catalyst again, and I've change my opinion on it. I dont really "like" it, but it's okay. I still hear a bit of LP in it... It's like a clash between Meteora and M2M but more M2M...

Your opinion is not what LP has done. It's an opinion... Unless the band themselves came up and said "hey this is what happened" you have no right to speak for them. Also I find that little "note to the fans" thing inside the cover to M2M to be BS...

As I've said plenty of times before there's a way to try new music, and to change your sound.

LP and GD are similar in What they did, Punk was dying(well atleast blink-182 style punk) Nu-Metal is dying...
Greenday needed to change themselves to continue making money... LP felt they needed to change themselves to keep making money.

They both change their images, logos, artwork, sound and style...

They both make money off the hipsters at starbucks with their macbooks who think they are hip because they are listening to the newest LP album or GD album...

Seriously Dude, they want to change themselves and do new things... change your name, create a new project. LP changed their identity and sold it as their original identity. Get where people have problems with this? If you told me back when meteora came out that LP was gonna make "the catalyst": I would have laughed my butt off and told you LP was all about the music and they would never change themselves like that.

But then came Minutes to Midnight. I picked it up, and was excited to hear some new LP. Something different, but still held true to what they were prior to. I listened, and I smiled... but over time my smile turned into a frown... I respect the songs on the album... But the lyricism they claimed to be "matured" seemed to deteriorate. Anyone remember QWERTY? When that first leaked I said WOAH this is different, but I like it... It was pretty different from everything done before... sounded more like Korn than anything, maybe even a touch of Mushroomhead... Very Heavy and the edge was stronger than anything on Meteora, it was almost Hardcore ... I still heard and felt LP... I was thinking that it would reflect the new album, Boy was I surprised.

Either way I will still stand by my argument that a band can change, mature and try new music without throwing out their style... Just like RHCP.

I understand the band wanted change... but WTF?

Linkin Park forever said:
Here is the truth behind both Linkin Park and Green Day.

Linkin Park started as band who wanted to create music that was their own. They wanted people to identify their music as Linkin Park. Not nu metal or rap rock. They wrote Hybrid Theory. They never wanted to go mainstreet. If they did. They wouldn't mind. They then wrote Meteora. They did change a little bit. But musically the band was the same. When Minutes to Midnight came. They said that they have matured and they think diffrently. They were still LP but had changed their music. They said that they wern't doing HT and Metora anymore. THey wanted to explore new genres. They never wanted to go mainstreet. People should stop fucken saying that. Now, they are doing the same with A Thousand Suns. They think diffrently now. They want to try something new. I personaly hate the new single. THough I will decide if the album is good or bad when I here the rest.

Now about Green Day.
Green Day stated their started as a punk band. They wanted to join the punk scene. Their first two albums started their carrer and they got recodnized. They then released dookie. Their album was what made them join the punk scene. The folow up albums to dookie, they continued their punk genre but explored new genres two. Then came American Idiot. Now the band wanted to do something new. They wanted to create an epic record. They didnt want to be part of the punk scene anymore. They wanted to do something new. This led to the creation of American Idiot. Then came their most recent album. 21st Century Breakdown. They now wanted to do something new again. This is how 21stCB came to be.

My point is, bands mature. Their thoughts change. So they create new music. Both Linkin Park and Green Day NEVER wanted to go mainstreet. Their musical thoughs just changed.

Also, People don't compare LP's and GD's music. They just ask which band do they think is better. Linkin Park and Green Day share a lot of fans. Green Day and Linkin Park's music can't be compared. They are two diffrent genres.

Also, both bands wanted to change their sound. Why? because they matured. Their not the only band to do that.

Both bands try to please their fans or gain new ones. They do not expect everyone to like their music.

People wrealy need to shut up and leave this all to rest.

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