If you pre-ordered A Thousand Suns from linkinpark.com, we are sending you a new song some time on Thursday (9/2). Check your emails to receive a high quality MP3 of "Wretches & Kings." If you haven't pre-ordered the album from us, you can do so here to get the song too. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Hope you enjoy.


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Hey linkin park, you guys are amazing! I've been listening to you guys from the beginning. It's great to see that you still have passion for the music, and are doing what you love. God bless.
This song is awesome, like an evolution of what Linkin Park is.
Me likes. Thanks for the MP3.
woah this song is sick
W&Ks' Not what I expected. Started out real heavy but lightened up. I still love it, though. Adding it to an MP3-CD image so I can rock it in my truck right now. See how it sounds echoing off the streets.
Great song! Thank you so much :)
It is very much different. Its awesome. Chester, I love you.
Great song, I can hear that the sound isn't that hard but the lyrics are very strong!
I like Chester's way of singing and the atmosphere the sound creats... and the "ey-ey-ey-ey"s xD
And the snipets of the speech from Mario Savio fits great to that strong emotions this song shows.

By the way, is it me or is there a little skip between 0:51 and 0:53?
super Loco man! that song is so sick, you can see the passion and effort put into it!!! you guys have always got the "touch" to bring the inner power of the Music you brig to us!!! simple fucking awesome rock!!!
can someone post a link to the song?
i like its cool.

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