If you pre-ordered A Thousand Suns from linkinpark.com, we are sending you a new song some time on Thursday (9/2). Check your emails to receive a high quality MP3 of "Wretches & Kings." If you haven't pre-ordered the album from us, you can do so here to get the song too. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Hope you enjoy.


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holy jesus man, wat a song! ultimate.......now this is genre busting alrite!!
awesome!!! beat hooks up))
The song is amazing!!! It sounds like old school LP, but at the same time it's something completely new!!! And Joe is so active in this one!!! Awesome song!!! The lyrics are EPIC!!!! Thank you very much LP!!! Can't wait for the new album!!! And I hope to see you again in Greece!!
The song is totally awesome and epic !!! You guys are the best !!!
Listening first time it sounds a little bit strange, but... who cares about??? ;o) Doing something new is not a failure - so walk on guys!
I think you guys think toooooo much !!

rezwan mallick said:
Well I'm not too concerned about that. No way will LP.com admins allow an illegitimate copy of the song on the official page of the band. It's interesting is all I'm saying. And LP.com would've probably taken down this post by now if it was a fake. Anyway, I'm going to try to not hear this song really hard! Lol. I want to listen to the whole album and take the journey the guys keep talking about.

Synergen said:
yeah i for one definitely wouldn't want to get the song illegitimately

rezwan mallick said:
Strange that they would give us another song before the album is released. At most, I thought they would give those people who pre-ordered the album some previews of the songs. Hope this is not someone who's hacked into Chester's account.
Quite Cool. Was dancing around this morning @ 5AM prior to going to work while listening to this. Kudos guys :-)
Theres some folks talk a lot of shite........how can a new album sound the same as the last one ....what would be the point...... fkn arseholes !!

Timothy Chen said:
Seriously...it pisses me off when people start saying this new music "just isn't Linkin Park anymore". What the fuck are you people saying? Who's making these new songs (which rock by the way)??? Who determines what style the music is going to take? That's right = Linkin Park. This music is as Linkin Park as it can get! I think people who are saying that just associate Linkin Park with nu-metal. I also think those people should come out of their holes and realize that Linkin Park has morphed into a new beast and either accept it or else just lay in the past. LP's still going to be playing those good ol' day songs in their shows, but as artists, they like the challenge of redefining their music and refining their musicality. I respect that a lot.

Rizk Shinoda said:
Chester Grow old everyday..He's not young anymore..his voice can't be same with his voice in Hybrid Theory and Meteora 7-10 years ago... ^^

it's Linkin Park LOL...Linkin Park at HT and Meteora bring electronica and hip-hop element to that album..Now they bring it again who missing at MTM...Just they bring that element in different way....
it's Linkin Park because : that's Chester Voice, Mike Rapping, Brad Guitar, Phoenix Bass, Rob Beat,Mr.Hahn Scratching, mixing, and Samples...

Tobias Deprato said:
Thanks for the song. I like it. But I started listening to Linkin Park in 2001 and I started because I'm addicted to Rock/Metal music and now this isn't Linkin Park anymore. If that song would come from another Band, I would really like it but now I can not understand how they can do such music. For a LP song it is really not the best. Hope the rest of the album is not like that. I'm missing Chesters pure voice... screaming and shouting... and what happened to the guitars? The guitarists are still in the Band but have nothing to play. It's a shame that you have changed the style of your music from metal/rock to something between HipHop and electronical sh**! Your voices are so nice to hear but with this electonical thing you mess them up.
How ever the song is nice but in my opinion it's not Linkin Park anymore!
As usual the more you listen to LP the more AWESOME it sounds .......love it....go Chester go................kick ass !!!
Still listening this morning!!! can't wait to hear the entire album!!!!!
i can understand why people think this stuff is good but i also understand why people think its terrible and to be honest i fear for linkin park in this new album. don't get me wrong i am a linkin park fan till i die but since 'the catylist' i had been a little bit concerned of wat linkin park were doin, a week later i read a interview of them in kerrang magazine which slightly showed which direction this new album is going. this made me think oh well its goin to be another minutes to midnight, but listening to 'wretches & kings' made me realise that this album is going to be nothing like minutes to midnight but something totally new. a few minutes ago i listened to the bombshell that is 'blackout' which now tells me exactly wat this new album is goin 2 be like and to be honest, i think it is going to be terrible, probably one of linkin park worst albums to date!!!!! you will probably notice which albums im a fan of and i'll understand any comments rubbishing everything ive just said, but there is a few things people cant deny. 1 linkin park are disturbinly closer to pop which is pafetic, 2 they will realise after this that they need to get back fans because of the huge loss of fans that this will bring and 3 hardly any of these song will make live behind the classics.
Dont get me wrong, linkin park are my fave band, im seein them live twice this year and i do plan to get this new album, im just sayin linkin park need to come back to their roots.
EPIC! Thats all I can say Chaz, you guys have out done yourselves on this track. Powerful and compelling!

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