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I was initially so shocked by the difference in sound of this album, usually when an artist claims to "develop" their sound or try something new, it always ends up being the same old thing with a bit more frill. This album is exactly what it says on the tin! It is a real venture, you can hear the emotion that went into it. It's so powerful, if you just take away your preconceptions of Linkin Park as a sound and just listen to the music it's incredible. So many different depths and sounds in one place, it's truly art! I think people need to open their minds, I'm really shocked that there have been any negative comments, Linkin Park has always been about pushing boundaries and crossing genres, therefore shouldn't the "real fans" that I have seen so many enthuse about be totally open to change and new styles of music? There is nothing out there that sounds like this album and that in itself is an incredible acheivement! Original, powerful, moving. I am 100% in awe of this album and would buy it 1000x over!
Glad that you agree! But to all that agree that LP's new direction is exciting and artistic I love you! Haha! I guess their new sound is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. But we are all entitled to our own opinions, and they'll all differ, but seriously this album ROCKS! Yeah I do miss the heaviness of the old albums but every artist is entitled to a change, and I'm liking the change <3

Kamel LP said:
Finally, some people appreciate the hard work that LP put it in the album.
Linkin Park keep your heads up, N keep doing what you do best.
wretches & king is amazing rap with a hard guitar LP
i like this song but when they come for me is far better than this......
thank u guys..you always give us your best...i'm really in love w your music....it gives me the will to live n u give me the strenght to go....the world would be so boring without u........i love u n i will always be by your side
totally agree w u.....i'm madly in love w when they come for me i think is one of the most beautiful songs they have ever done...as beautiful as in the end or from the inside or papercut....n i also think ATS is as great as HT

sundeepcheruku said:
i like this song but when they come for me is far better than this......
WELL SAID....i totally agree w u...A THOUSAND SUNS is brilliant,extraordinary. linkin park r really the best...i've never been dissapointed by them

champetier said:
hi evry one,the new album is magic new sound ,new dimention ,it is diffrent from all they do in the past, that is the art of a real musicians,enjoy the the new album, more i listern it more i like it, i love you LP
I've been listening to the new album every single day this past week enjoying it every time I do so. And I especially like the energy of Wretches and Kings and I'm always looking forward to that part of the record although I chose to hear the whole thing instead of jumping tracks.

Yeah, the new album doesn't sound like Hybrid Theory (which I love), it doesn't sound like Meteora (which I love), it doesn't sound like Minutes to Midnight (which had some awesome tracks on it), it doesn't sound like any of the previous records and exactly that's the f*'king point! And none the less it's in every sense possible a true LINKIN PARK record.

Brad, Chester, Joe, Mike, Phoenix and Rob: thanks for the experience A Thousand Suns is creating. And thanks for having the courage to value creativity and artistically freedom over the expectations from the outside. You sure are taking a hell of a beating having taken this risk with your most recent work – which in a way is a shame but was inevitable. After all: isn’t that what creating art is truly all about?
same here i was also listening to the songs since last one week....the album is the coolest album ever....i totally liked it...and that "when they come for me" and "black out" are totally awesome...thanx for such a wonderful album...really i m totally occupied by this album these days....
ok I have listened to A Thousand Suns and played it for friends. In my mind it is the BEST YET It re awoke passion
Hey guys! I'm writing in the name of the members of Rob Was Right! Your new album is really amazing! It has beatiful songs, lyrics and everyone can figure out that you worked hard to make it true! Honestly, we didn't imagine that you were gonna record an album like that! We were expecting to listen to songs like New Divide. That song is amazing! Talking about music, we would loved to hear more Drums, and more Guitar... We love the techno thing on your album, it's great, but maybe some guys got mad at you because of that.... This is not a critic, this is something we want to tell you. This is something we wanted you to know... Because maybe, tomorrow, when you are making the songs of your new album you will put some little thing of the old LP, but wait... The old LP at that moment will be Hybrid, Meteora, Minutes and A Thousand Suns. Don't forget who you were LP, be conscious about that. You changed people lives with your music, you really did! Please don't forget that! And we all know that you're not a machine, like you do the things the people wants, that's great because you are people too and you need to do what you love and thank god you are where you are, because there's too many people out there trying to be like you...We are those guys for example! LP, keep working so hard like always!
Regards from Argentina!
Rob Was Right!

See ya' on October 7th!

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