If you pre-ordered A Thousand Suns from linkinpark.com, we are sending you a new song some time on Thursday (9/2). Check your emails to receive a high quality MP3 of "Wretches & Kings." If you haven't pre-ordered the album from us, you can do so here to get the song too. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Hope you enjoy.


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You want to really enjoy the song get linkin park revenge on iPod touch or droid it's AWESOME! and has 4 tracks from the album including "wretches and kings"

rezwan mallick said:
Well I'm not too concerned about that. No way will LP.com admins allow an illegitimate copy of the song on the official page of the band. It's interesting is all I'm saying. And LP.com would've probably taken down this post by now if it was a fake. Anyway, I'm going to try to not hear this song really hard! Lol. I want to listen to the whole album and take the journey the guys keep talking about. Synergen said:
yeah i for one definitely wouldn't want to get the song illegitimately

rezwan mallick said:
Strange that they would give us another song before the album is released. At most, I thought they would give those people who pre-ordered the album some previews of the songs. Hope this is not someone who's hacked into Chester's account.
Do you mean hybrid theory the album by linkin park or hybrid theory the band that played at linkin park before Chester joined them and it became linkin park the band with the first album called hybrid theory? Cause they still had good music then too not as awesome as they have become but still great!

Lance Brandauer said:
YES!!! This is in my opinion their 2nd best song on the album, after 'Waiting for the End'. This song is a hard hitting, in your face rap/rock/electronica song. Think of Fort Minor mixed with old skool Hybrid Theory LP!!!
it´s my favorite song at the moment =)
good song!
its awesome chester
full of energy and ... fun:D
I LOVE the song!!! it's just amazing!!!!
one of my favourites from the album!!<3
amazing work guys!:)
One Question:
This Intro in Wretches and kings...why are u using this kind of intro?
will you write intros like this in future?
hey ven r da others videos of thousand suns goin 2 release???
jst vaitin eagerly.....
when r u coming to Singapore again?
This awesome. i had an idea to the video clip.
You have to know how proud I was to be @ a Yankees A.L.C.S. game (#3, the only one they won) and to be in the big house with them playing reels of the Yankees season highlights to a blaring Wretches & Kings and also Somewhere I belong!!! : )

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