If you pre-ordered A Thousand Suns from linkinpark.com, we are sending you a new song some time on Thursday (9/2). Check your emails to receive a high quality MP3 of "Wretches & Kings." If you haven't pre-ordered the album from us, you can do so here to get the song too. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Hope you enjoy.


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i got it. And this one pretty damn awesome, Mike u re really jenius.. Nice Chester !
It's impressionant how you can do it! This album is the best that I ever heard in my life, but I always have the same oppinion when it treats about LINKIN PARK albums!!!! AMAZING!! Should get better? In treats about you, no doubt!!!!!!
YOU ROCK!!!!!!
that remix on lplive is dope
Crazy ass song bro, i love the bass in this song, it is pretty sick
need more info on the cincinnatti concert tickets please !!!!!!!!!!!!
The song is amazing!

Daniel Walters said:
linkin park your the shit!! "linkin park" should be a verb, and the whole world should be linkin parked. XD

HAH! you are right! Everyone should be Linkin PArked!
A great song!!..... I like so much A thousand suns!!! LP <3<3
Please put the show for purchase of Sao Paulo, SWU!
is a wonderful song bt all the album is a masterpiece. i listen to it everyday even two or three times at day, i'm really addicted to ATS. the best albums of all time, for me, are " music for the masses" and "violator" by depeche mode and "hybrid theory" and now even "a thousand suns". i really love u guys..thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whens the vid for blackout and wretches and kings out

a really AWFULL song from a really AWFULL album. I just can listen to "Requiem" and "Burning in the skies"! Just METAL UP YOUR ASS, GUYS!

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