If you pre-ordered A Thousand Suns from linkinpark.com, we are sending you a new song some time on Thursday (9/2). Check your emails to receive a high quality MP3 of "Wretches & Kings." If you haven't pre-ordered the album from us, you can do so here to get the song too. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Hope you enjoy.


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Same here Amy :)

Amy Gallagher said:
It feels so long between each of your albums or singles. I hate it. But i understand the artistic process. Thank you to the enitre band, your music has saved my life in ways you could not comprehend, I love your music and it speaks to me, so keep on doing what you're doing.....I hope you come back to Australia so i can see you live... Thank you for your music not only do i relate to it but it has and still does help through the dark times in my life.
This song is fuckin amazing! bit is so crazy and make's you to go crazy too!
Wretches and Kings is off the hook what a legendary song!
XD omg i totally agree

Daniel Walters said:
linkin park your the shit!! "linkin park" should be a verb, and the whole world should be linkin parked. XD
it is like mike saied.. people will be shocked.. and yes im shocked :D but in a very positive way.. ;)
this is fucking linkin park and nothing else
greets to you guys
I love this song so freaking much!!!!! the beat and the lyrics are so sick to me I cant wait to hear this live and bang my head to it!! LP 4 Life!
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME...........................................................
Omg this is amazing can't wait until the album comes out just counting down the days 11 days!!!!!
Guys Wretches & Kings super mega song!Lyrics for the soul takes!!
This song is awesome!!! I love it!!!! I love you Linkin Park, you're the best!!!!
First off let me start by saying I love everything about Linkin Park! Every album is awesome. "Wretches & Kings" is great but it just doesn't have enough Chester for me. I'm hoping there is not too many songs on the new album like this one. I'm just a Chester freak. I can live off of his vocals alone! Mike & Chester are magic together. Born to do what they do together so well. But to be honest if all Linkin Park songs were just like this one I probably wouldn't be the huge fan I am. That's just my opinion. :) Gotta have more Chester vocals than that!!!! But I love you guys so much! No hating here:D xoxox

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