If you pre-ordered A Thousand Suns from linkinpark.com, we are sending you a new song some time on Thursday (9/2). Check your emails to receive a high quality MP3 of "Wretches & Kings." If you haven't pre-ordered the album from us, you can do so here to get the song too. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Hope you enjoy.


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thnx for the email,i'm so happy that u sent me an email,and i can't wait till i hear your album,i'm very sure that's it's great
i wish u all the luck
Beat made with Rick Rubin's 808 drum machine, used to make the classic Run-D.M.C., Beastie and LL Kool J. beats!!!!
it´s awsome !!!

Me encanta
LP siempre lo mejor
when I heard it, I was remembering for old times... :-) like HT... nice work guys ;-)
It sounds like hybrid theory again but better so YESHHH
omg!you the BEST !!!!!thanks this is cool song!
"Wretches and KINGS" Supero todas mis espectativas..! Excelente trabajo LP!.. Lo cantaremos el 7 de Octubre en Velez- Argentina!. Gracias.:!

The 2 songs so far are fantastic and can't wait wait for the rest. Thanks for sharing guys. Your awesome and love you guys. Love Suz xxxx
I'm really disappointed with the catalyst & wretches and kings. It's not an evolution. It's a degradation. Latest songs can't be placed in one row with such hits like in the end, numb, from the inside, crawling, breaking the habit. Those songs were and are fucking amazing. I understand that band is growing and moving backwards forward. But their new style is too electronic. It sounds creepy even now, and what will be in 5, 10 years... It'll sound so strange and simple. On the other hand their old hits sound great (crawling, one step closer ( though 10 years has passed )... ). I don't want to resemble the band & fans, but I hope the experiments will over soon. But even if not - THANK YOU for HT & METEORA!
omg guys, stop saying that its like HT cuz its not...this is something like electronic hip hop :S HT was real nu metal, on step closer, papercut etc...
Great job, guys! Love you!

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