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I just put up a blog entry on my website (www.annashinoda.com) that discussed several aspects of my writing process, including an organization that I belong to that has been extremely helpful (SCBWI) and what an important part my writer friends who critique my work are in my revising process.

Are there any writer organizations/groups out there that you belong to?  Do you find them helpful?  How about critique groups and your revising process?  Let's discuss!


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Have you started writing it or you will?And what is this going to be about?

Anna Shinoda said:
Closer to the release date (which is now looking like Spring 2012) I will have more information on where my book will be sold.

Denise Rashidi said:
Oh and another question:
I read that you are writing books for teens. Do you think that your book will be released intenational or only in the United States?
Because I'm living in Germany but if it doesn't I also love to read books in the English language.
I hope you understood what I tried to say .. :D

i wish i am not too late to join this conversation. well thanks to  Alexandra Nofi i just visited LPfiction.com, i am glad there is a place where we can imagine about Linkin park in our fictional world. well, i've been working on a sweet story about Dave Farell actually. 

by the way, i got a group, a really small group where we are working on our e book. we discuss about our writing stuffs. i am an indonesian, so the book will be written in Indonesia. 

i got a blog and i share my works to my friend, mostly on facebook. they give me feedback and it helps. feedback from the expert is important. even somtimes, we end up using our first version.


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